Sarah Michelle Gellar will be 31 at 14th April 2008

To celebrate her we have started a fund raising to her honour. We hope to raise at least 13,500 Swedish crowns to dig a well in a poor country. (One Swedish crown is worth something between 12 and 17 American cent.)

We are also making a book to congratulate her. Scroll down to read more about both projects.

Film This is a film you can see if you want to understand why they need wells.
Fund raising
This is where you can give money to the project.
The book projectThis is the deal: Everyone is free to send a page in A5-format, and it will be included in the book. Write a poem, or add some pictures or whatever. If you want some inspiration, you can go to this page. You e-mail the page to before 1st April. Please remember that it has to be A5 (which is a half A4). If you really want to use A6 instead that is okay, and if you really want to have an A4 I can live with that too, and give your page a whole opening, but use A5 if you do not have special reasons for using something else.